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Yair Lapid | 1ª parte do artigo
link externo ynetnews   2009.09.19 / We're no longer cool
               tradução integral do artigo  Sadly, we've been giving Israel-haters plenty of material to work with

We always had problems around here, but up until a few years ago we were still one of the coolest states on earth. When we would meet Americans and tell them we're from Israel, their immediate response would be "Wow." It wasn't always clear why they said it – because of the high-tech, the most beautiful girls in the world, the Entebbe Operation, the Six-Day War, the kibbutzim, Exodus, the Mossad, the oranges, or the fact that the feeble Jews suddenly got a tan and went to the beach.

Yet somehow, at some point in the last decade, it ended. You tell John Smith "I'm from Israel" while he drinks his beer and he gives you a foggy stare and says: "You've got quite a few problems there, man. Must be tough."

Because we are no longer cool. Everything that used to be funny has become problematic...That Israeli guy who arrived in New York with $10 in his pocket and became a millionaire is currently suspected of real-estate fraud and is wanted in six states... Instead of exporting irrigation systems to Africa, we sell weapons to the worst regimes on earth.

And in response we complain and show anger, while referring to them as "anti-Semites," which of course worsens the situation because there is nothing less cool than whining...

...After all, there is no Israeli who does not cringe when we kill (by mistake, damnit, by mistake) children in Gaza, yet when someone writes about it in Newsweek we become deeply offended. Because we hoped they won't see it, that this is inside information, and that nobody will notice it in a world of a thousand television stations and a million websites.


Eitan Haber
link externo ynetnews   2009.09.17 / Israel must fight back
               tradução integral do artigo  In wake of Goldstone Report, Israel must launch battle for its image

The immediate, almost instinctive, response to the Goldstone Report on the IDF’s war crimes is something along the lines of “go to hell,” or alternately, a polite invitation to kiss our rear-end.

Come on: We see a UN commission comprising half a dozen gentiles headed by a South African Jew charging IDF troops with a series of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead. As if this was the first war ever and as if IDF troops are cruel thugs who pinned several Palestinian scalps on their belts every day – and the more the merrier.

Under different circumstances we would not hesitate to characterize this report as a document with anti-Semitic aims, and the fact that a Jew is one of its authors does not undermine the severity of this charge. The opposite may be true.

Well, war is not a game of bridge at the club. In many situations in life, actions have unintended consequences. In war, this means people die.

Na segunda guerra mundial morreram mais de 56 milhões de pessoas, sendo que 5 milhões eram judeus. Na verdade o verdadeiro Holocausto foi a totalidade das baixas registadas, que inclui os "gentios".


We already noted that the report is disgraceful, one-sided, and does not merit a decent response, and we already invited its authors to go to hell...

We can propose that the UN, its institutions, and the committee in question go ahead and “kiss our…,” and move on.

Why should we care about the report? But we should deeply care about it. Slowly, the terrible image will overcome us in the international arena. And then, not only senior IDF officers will be banned from entering London. We also won’t be able to travel anywhere. This will be something the Israeli public will not put up with.


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De The Heartbreak Kid a 20 de Setembro de 2009 às 16:48
Ola, ajudavas-me a ter a raiz do teu Template para fazer umas alterações e adaptar ao meu de Wrestling? :)

se der envia para este mail: gostei do teu blog ;)

De futebol a 22 de Agosto de 2011 às 12:27
Você Ganhou um novo adepto do teu blog, gostei do que tenho descoberto e vou continuar a passar novamente :)

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